PGS Group

Created in 1993, the ‘Groupe Palettes Gestion Services’ (PGS) quickly developped from a small company to leader of the french and belgian pallets markets.

The central part of our business is palet manufacturing and recycling  wooden pallets as well as pallet rental and relocation and services.

The company owns two sawmills, 14 pallet production sites and 21 reconditionning plants for second hand pallets.

All the steps of the production process are integrated, from forest management to transportation and design.

The company now has 839 employees in it’s production sites around europe, as well as in the USA and Morocco.

The group’s two sawmills PGS Beynel and PGS Synergie produce over 160 000m3 of sawn lumber every year and employ 80 workers. 

Contact details

PGS Group
Rue Michel Poulmarch
Centre Multimarchandises
76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray

Tèl. +33(0)2 35 66 02 78
E-mail: [email protected]

Information on the sawmill

  • First transformation products: Sawn lumber and rafters for pallet production
  • Second transformation products:New and second hand pallets