Our Know-How

In France, sawmills are private-sector companies whose activities are entirely centred around log sawing and, where appropriate, their processing.
These specialist activities have developed out of many years of experience. French sawyers can provide you with the benefit of many years of professional experience. It is this professional approach which guarantees optimal product quality geared to clients’ specific end-use requirements.

Pratical experience of sawyers

French sawyers have a thorough knowledge of forests, and of the quality they are capable of providing, forest by forest, species by species. The activities of French sawmills do not stop at the millgate. They extend deep into the forest itself. An advantage which guarantees control over deliveries. The wood is selected in the stands, and felled in compliance with quality criteria and order specifications.

Acknowledged skills

The integration of new technologies, and a sustained programme of investment in modernization, have enhanced the capacity of facilities and increased sawmill productivity levels. scanners to optimize sawnwood, computer-controlled automated sawing,
defect-detecting vision and expert systems, high-speed grading, electronic drying regulation and control.

A flexible response to your requests

French sawyers are the best partners you could wish to find to satisfy any enquiries you may have concerning run-of-mill or made-to-order products. Standard grades guarantee you homogenous sawnwood quality for large volume orders. Certified products can also be supplied. French sawyers can supply you with a complete range of dried, steamed, planed, finger-jointed, and glued products. Their know-how, and the high technical standards of their production facilities, also guarantee you an exceptional degree of flexibility which enables all of your special dimension requirements to be satisfied.

Hardwood product’s typology

All the products can be dried, steamed and treated upon request.


Long lengths (3m and up)          •
Any diameter          •
Large width          •
Any thickness          •
Mixed grades          •
Colour, features homogeneity         •


•          Long length
•          Large width
•          Any thickness
•          Grades uniformity
•          Mainly used by the industry


•  One side edged
•  Save you time on transformation
•  Allow to combine unedged boards’ specificity and advantages, with one edging process avoided for the customer


•  Standardised dimensions or cut to the customer’s request
•  Any thickness
•  Large range of dimensions upon request
•  Uniform bundles


•  Standardised sections or cut to the customer’s request
•  Any length
•  Different qualities available