PIVETEAUBOIS is a leading French sawmiller and manufacturer
of timber products for the construction, landscaping, energy, public sector and agricultural markets.

Adopting a sustainable, responsible and ethical approach, PIVETEAUBOIS sources its softwood from PEFC or FSC forests close to its 3 production sites where it develops its products from sawing and further processing activities.

Our passion for wood, our commitment to the development of the French timber industry and our broad expertise in timber have turned the family-run business into a major force in the timber industry
and a market leader in Europe.

PIVETEAUBOIS continues to invest in new technologies to enable you to make the most of wood and to deliver high quality timber projects. Our 5 exclusive technologies are designed to deliver the highest level of performance and best efficiency for all your wood projects: Durapin, Wex, Lamwood, Igni-B and Pellets.

For over 15 years, we have been developing our business internationally.  We sell our products in the Benelux, Germany, Italy, Japan, North Africa, Portugal, Swizterland, the UK etc. Depending on where our customer and prospect projects take us, we may sell our products in other parts of the world.

Our experienced sales team all have a timber background and are trained to advise in the choice of the right product for any project.

You can rely on support from our international headquarters and our local offices around the world in choosing the correct timber product best suited for your project.

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Contact information


Contact details :


Lieu-dit La Vallée

Sainte Florence

CS 30111

85140 Essarts en Bocage


Tél. : +33 2 51 66 16 29

Fax : +33 2 51 66 73 95

[email protected]

Internet Site :


Sales Contacts :

Spain : Sonia Martinez

UK & Ireland : Elisabeth Piveteau

Rest of World : Aurélien Guyomar

Languages spoken in the company: French, English, Spanish, German


  • Construction : glued structural components (including glulam, glued-solid timber, finger-jointed timber), joinery-grade glulam, CLT, structural frame and timber frame, trusses, exterior and internal cladding. Timber machined and cut to customer requirements.
  • Landscaping : decking, fence panels, swimming pools, garden buildings and pergolas, machined rounds and landscaping timber including sleepers, pressure treated planed timber.
  • Energy : green electricity, pellets, compressed logs, kindling.
  • Public Sector : acoustic panels, crash barriers, fencing, machined rounds, decking.
  • Agricultural Stakes and supports : tree stakes, vineyard stakes, arboricultural stakes, machined rounds and cundy peeled poles.
  • On-site industrial processes: sawing, kiln-drying, planing, bonding, machining, impregnation, extruxion, granulation, finishing, assembling. Design office with team of timber engineers.